The Edge Syllabus

Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Automatic Edge Program Membership
  • Personalized coaching in identifying and destroying weak male behavior
  • How to Accept your Flaws and remove the “Perfectionist Mindset”
  • Edge Awareness (Finding the Bad Boy/Edge within)
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Developing Inner Peace Within Yourself
  • Syllabus Provided and Special Assignments to be done
  • Special Audio and Exercise emailed to you After Each Session

The 10 sessions include – (HW assignments may change, per individual) Special audio included too.
Sessions will occur ONCE a week.

Session 1

Introduction (stories, past relationships, family you grew up in, etc.) Goals and how to set them, Understanding and Awareness of Weak male behavior habits (HW Assignment – Identify your weak behavior patterns)

Session 2

Understanding theories, opening your mind to learning new skills, learning and adapting to how to fit in Modern Society America as a man (HW Assignment – What “Edge” means to you”)

Session 3

Going over Edge, Obstacles in your way in developing Edge, How to destroy weak male behavior, (HW Assignment – Action steps in destroying weak male behavior habits)

Session 4

Going over action steps in destroying weak male behavior, Self-Esteem and Confidence Building, Understanding balance within, Internalizing true happiness, (HW Assignment –What Happiness means to you)

Session 5

Going over Happiness, Mindset transformation, Learning how to balance yourself, meditation and other relaxation techniques for your mind, (HW Assignment – meditation on happiness)

Session 6

Prioritizing goals within, Destroying Scarcity and Developing Abundance, The “Social Perfectionist” Myth Mindset (HW Assignment – Are you perfect? – Why do you strive for perfection, What are your flaws and how come you have not accepted your flaws)

Session 7

Going over “Social Perfectionism”, the Attractive mindset, what do you find Attractive about yourself, Unattractive about yourself, (HW – Assignment – How attracted are you to yourself – what is unattractive about you, what would make you attracted to yourself)

Session 8

Going over Attractive mindset, How to turn weakness into strength, Personality enhancement (HW Assignment – Personality strengths you know you have, personality weaknesses – what type of personality do you wish you have, what are you are lacking)

Session 9

Going over Personality Enhancement, How do you come to everyday decisions,
Dominance and Leadership, (What does a leader mean to you and why, also ex’s of when you felt like a leader)

Session 10

Going over Leadership, Why balance leads to success, Bringing out the Edge in you, (Goals in personal development)

**Follow ups will occur to make sure you are on the path to achieving your goals**