The Edge Coaching Program


My name is Manny Blake, and I am a nice guy. I’m sure you all have heard the famous expression, “Nice Guys Finish Last”. Unfortunately, there is some truth to this expression. I grew up with a loving and caring family, but also with extremely low self-esteem and confidence. This led me to engage in constant approval seeking behavior, resulting in my being “friend zoned” by EVERY WOMAN I spoke to the moment that I opened my mouth. I was ridiculed in high school and college — I was even mocked by coworkers when I started working at a corporate company. They all liked me because I was nice, caring, and giving. However, I was maddened by their lack of respect for and constant ridicule towards me, and I would constantly try too hard to prove that their condescending opinions of me were wrong.

The Edge Coaching Program

This is our highest level coaching program for members who want to speed up their results, identify and help eradicate weak male behavior, and bring out the edge within themselves for which they have a minefield of limiting beliefs and negative chemical imbalances that continue to prevent boys from becoming men. This program is personally facilitated by Manny Blake in this exclusive, 1 on 1 setting you get Manny Blake working directly in learning and understanding your weak behavior patterns, your limiting beliefs, and an action plan devised in order to destroy weak male behavior permanently.

Entry to this program is limited due to the amount of applicants. All applications are reviewed and members are hand-picked by Manny Blake.

The Edge Coaching – Structure

Minimum period of commitment required is 3 months. This is set to provide a reasonable time frame to eradicate all aspects of weak male behavior and bring out the edge in you.

Coaching calls occur once per week via Skype for 2 hours.
There will be a syllabus to follow, a HW assignment, and an audio after each session.

The Edge Coaching– Pricing

$1000 per month for a minimum of 3 months

$2500 if paid in full upfront for a 3 month package

The Edge Coaching – Application

To apply for the program, fill out the form linked to below and you will be contacted.

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