The 3 TRUTHS of Street Pickup – Part 2


Understanding the 3 truths to day game is more of a mindset adjustment in order to manage your expectations when you are out in the field.  However, you MUST work on the aspects of your outer game(body language, story-telling, teasing, qualification, leading, etc.) to really hook the girl in a conversation.  When it comes to interactions in the daytime, most men with even basic social skills, either state their intentions way too quickly which gives too much of an agenda-feel in a woman’s point of view OR men just seem to have a plain social interaction without pulling the trigger which leads nowhere.  This is why it can be difficult to actually balance the two and HOOK a conversation that leads somewhere into developing a true connection.

TRUTH 1 – Knowing the Fact that DAY GAME is a NON-SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT
1 -You’re gaming against the clock of a girl that is more likely in a rush to go somewhere or has other plans.

Because Day Game is considered NON-SOCIAL, if you see an attractive woman in the day time and approach her, most of the time you’re racing against the clock which can really fuck things up.  Whether the girl is walking on the streets or standing in the bookstore; developing a connection in the day time can often feel too rushed.  Social Anxiety tends to hit you too because you tend to be miscalibrated, since you are doing something out of the social norm.  Most men doing this get quickly absorbed in the frame of the girl, especially if she’s in a rush, as opposed to reversing it and making her absorbed in his own reality.  It’s NOT easy to do that, especially if you’re easily affected by the environment.

To get a girl quickly absorbed in your frame is to be comfortable approaching groups of people.  How does that make sense? Well individuals that fear to approach groups tend to suffer from social anxiety and become easily absorbed in the frames of others quickly.  The moment you approach groups and become comfortable, WITHOUT getting absorbed in their frames, you are then more likely to absorb women in your frame as opposed to falling into their frame.

TRUTH 2 – Your value is automatically lower INITIALLY when approaching a girl
2 – You either state your intentions right away or just have a plain social interaction.

Where is the balance between the 2?   Because you are a stranger approaching another stranger, you must understand that your value is initially lower.  This can result in giving off to much of an eager and reactive vibe.  NOW, doing a direct ballsy approach can really give you a nice adrenaline boost in a daytime environment, but at the end of the day, most attractive women that constantly get approached will smile, nod, then walk away.  WHAT IF you approach a girl, and just have a simple conversation with her, get her phone number, and then HOPE that you will get the date.  First of all, she isn’t too sure of your intentions yet, secondly, you just had a plain social interaction without any physical escalation.  You must find the balance between going Direct and having a plain social interaction. To give off that balance vibe, here is an Action drill you can do so when you do have an interaction, which can give off a direct vibe with indirect communication.

The best way to balance the direct approach and a plain social interaction is to develop a direct vibe.  To develop a direct vibe, you must go direct on the first 4-5 girls that you will approach AND THEN you can move forward and have basic social interactions.  Yes, this can be scary, going direct in the daytime, especially for newbies. BUT you will notice when you do start to have plain social interactions, that even though the interaction is indirect, your body language and energy will give off a direct vibe based on just coming off direct on the previous approaches.  You want the girl to feel your intentions through your vibe and your energy, so you don’t waste your time in “hoping”.  (There is a lot more to this, but it’s a great way to begin the process in developing a direct vibe)

TRUTH 3 – It’s a Numbers Game VS. Your Game

You can have the best game in the world, but at the end of the day you are a stranger approaching another stranger. I tend to repeat this because it’s something that needs to be ingrained in you.  NOW, the more you play the numbers game, and you practice consistently by taking the RIGHT ACTION, your game will progressively get better.  In time you, as long as you continue to practice, practice, and practice, you will be able to reduce the numbers game and increase the efficiency in each of your approaches.   In order to work on your actual game, you must know the basic fundamentals to game which are Body Language, Story-telling, teasing/playfulness, leadership, tonality, qualification, seduction skills etc.  These are areas that you constantly must redefine to make it easier to hook a conversation and the way to do this is to focus on one area and practice approaching strangers.

Choose one area to be focused on and pick an area of a fundamental that you would like to work on.  For example if you choose that you would like to focus just on body language, don’t be thinking and invested on your verbals. Let your body language do the speaking by relaxing your shoulders, keeping your head up, slowing down your speech, making deliberate movements with your body, portraying strong eye contact,  etc. There’s a lot more portraying sexy body language, but making sure you have these areas on a checklist before you go out. Focus on it and the moment you notice the level of a girl’s receptiveness increase towards you consistently, you can then move on to the next fundamental.  Work on the fundamentals that you would consider a weakness.

Remember, NOT all girls are going to hook in an interaction.  One big aspect to making the interactions last longer would be instant dates.  Instant dates provide you more time with the girl and can lead into a romantic direction, and even same day lays.  It’s all about LEADING THE INTERACTION.  In the next article I will provide 3 subtle tips on how to land an Instant Date.

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