The 3 TRUTHS of Street Pickup – Part 1

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The 3 Truths about Stranger Approaching in a Day Game Environment

If you want to learn and master the skill of picking up women in the streets, it is important that you UNDERSTAND the dynamics, so you know THE TRUTH, about the process. In Day Game it’s highly possible to have a plain social interaction with random women, but the question is, how do you push it in a romantic direction? Most of the time, guys that do get a phone number in the daytime, fail to push the interaction forward because of the fear of “fucking it up with a potential mate”. To top it off, when the interaction with a woman goes well, men’s expectations about the woman begin to grow out of control because of the emotional investment, aka the “ego boost”, they get from creating attraction with a woman. This means that, in the highly likely scenario that the girl ends up flaking, you end up becoming butt hurt, and start losing faith in pick-up itself. If you want to learn and master the skill of picking up women from the street, you must UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the following 3 truths about day game:

The “3 TRUTHS You Must Accept


During the day, women are out to get to their desired location; they are rarely out, just to be out. This means they are NOT looking and/or are READY to be approached or even socialize like in a Night Game environment such as a club, lounge, bar, or anything else which is considered a social environment. When it comes to Night Game, people are out to socialize, have fun, drink, meet and talk to new people, etc. A night game environment is a great practice field to approach, work on your conversational skills (depending on music level), your body language, test different ways to approach and open, sexually escalate, etc. In Night Game, one-night stands are more probable than Day Game, BUT the real money is in day game.
In Day game, you actually TEST your game itself by actually approaching a girl to their desired location (where her guard is down) by interrupting her from accomplishing her daily task, working on your true verbal skills (she is not expected to be approached), escalation skills (yes you can escalate during the day) and you have the ability to actually connect with her on a basic level without the need for alcohol. Same Day Lays are possible in a Day Game environment, but not as likely as Night Game. The beauty about Day game is the quality of women and also the fact that they are more likely to stick around as opposed to Night Game.

2 – Your Value is Automatically Lower INITIALLY When Approaching a Girl:

The way “Normal” people form relationships or bang girls is mostly through social circle aka mutual friends. This is based on the fact that reoccurring instances of people socializing on a daily basis makes it possible for them to become comfortable around one another, which can enable attraction to happen naturally. The fact that you are a stranger, approaching another stranger for a “reason” instantly lowers your value. However, based on your skillset, understanding the fundamentals of game, and knowing how to generate attraction – you can gain points on the value scale.

3 – It’s a Numbers Game VS. Your Game:

You must keep in mind that, even if you are tall and good-looking, at the end of the day it’s still a numbers game and you are a stranger approaching another stranger. You will approach tons and tons of women, but you must keep in mind that EVEN if you fit the archetype of a girl’s physical attractive type, she would still rather date the “ugly” guy that she met through friends rather than a better looking guy that she met on the streets. Now I’m not trying to discourage Day Game enthusiasts or guys that don’t fit a specific archetype. I’m just trying to paint a realistic approach to Day Game because at the end of the day it’s all about managing your expectations to be emotionally balanced on this difficult journey. Approach like a fuckin madman in going after what you want, but in order to understand the mentality of a good day gamer you MUST develop the FEARLESS mindset in taking action.

How to USE The “3 TRUTHS To Your Advantage

I remember when I started out in Day Game, every time, I’d have an awesome “feel good” interaction, number close, etc., I would always get overly excited and leave the set with that “hopeful feeling”. When flakes occurred I would take it personally and self-defeat myself because I was going in blindly without understanding the truth about approaching strangers in a day time environment. When I became conscious of this ongoing pattern, I started to accept the truth, manage my expectations, and go out to approach women with the mindset of being focused on the strategic part which progressively reduced expectations of an outcome. Now that you know about the truths of Day Game, click here for PART 2, where I will show you how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Click here for PART 2


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