The #1 Component Most Guys Forget about in Day Game

1 Missing in Day game

The #1 Component Most Guys Forget about in Day Game

The BIGGEST component missing from day game is building comfort. I don’t mean by acting like a little pussy and being all super friendly and gay. Comfort is based on making another person feel secure around you. Building comfort consists of building rapport, exchanging stories, and most importantly matching each other’s vibe. Strangers are not to be trusted in this world and if you are going out to pick-up attractive women in the daytime, then you must focus on building comfort initially. Most men take comfort for granted, but in reality, a woman wants to feel a high level of comfort with you, ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ARE A STRANGER! Remember, most “normal” people meet through social circle because it forces a re-occurrence of social meetings/events which automatically builds a level of comfort. COMFORT is super fucking important and I want this ingrained in your heads!

How can you hook a girl consistently aka BUILD COMFORT?

There are plenty of fundamentals to work on in your game (body language, teasing, tonality, physicality, etc.) but one the most important for the purposes building comfort in a day game environment is storytelling. Storytelling can also lead into instant dates more consistently based on a woman’s level of engagement. You can check out 3 subtle tips on how to land instant dates HERE. You obviously want to work on all the other fundamentals as well, but here’s an exercise for you to do to work on your storytelling.

Using STORY-TELLING to Build Comfort

This is VERY important when it comes to building comfort. The idea behind a good delivery of a story is to leave out the fluff talk and unnecessary detail, and just hit the emotional spikes. The better you become at story-telling, the more a girl feels comfortable and connected with you.  A lot of people get lost in detail when telling a story, and if you’re delivering a story to a stranger, then you may feel rushed. This is NORMAL!  I’ve provided an exercise that you can practice to become a better story-teller.

EXERCISE to Practice Story-Telling

The best way to get good at story-telling:
Step 1 - Write down 3 types of interesting stories that have happened to you (or if nothing interesting happened, make something up!). It’s not about whether or not it fits in the conversation of the interaction, the point is getting the skill-set of story-telling down, so you can create a story on the spot and deliver it efficiently and/or use the default stories that you made up.

Step 2 - After you write down the 3 stories you want to practice in the mirror with your delivery and record it as well so you can see if you’re engaged in your own story too. You can practice on a friend too by testing his/her level of engagement with your story.

When you practice infield, you can transition into the story by creating intrigue:
Make it SOUND as if it RECENTLY just happened even if it was 2 or 3 years ago. And you can transition with this:
“the craziest thing just happened” or
“I gotta tell you something that just happened”

A quick example:
Story (This is true) – I ended up on the Jersey Shore for 2 seconds – I took my cousin to Miami for his bachelor party and we were quite hammered, and the last club we hit up was called Club BED. I walk in and I thought I was back in Jersey! I see Pauly D, The Situation, Snookie, and I’m thinking what is going on here! Me and The Situation lock eyes and then we give each other a drunk hug…I think he drew some wood too, but we spoke a bit and the cameras caught me for 2 seconds by the bar. You should feel flattered {GIRL’S NAME}, you’re talking to a celebrity now, but you got a lot of work to do if you want my autograph.

Now do I express this story in a dull manner or in a boring tone? HELL NO. Do I talk about where my cousin is from, how we got to the club, what we drank? FUCK NO! That would be considered fluff talk. No girl wants to hear every single fuckin detail of what happened in the story.
I create intrigue, use humor, have fun facial expressions, and bring the girl into MY world with my story.
REMEMBER, the story doesn’t have to be the PERFECT STORY. NO MATTER HOW “dull” the actual story is, as long as you create a fun and engaging vibe, she will sense that.

Practice Building Comfort Consistently

Make it your mission to go out and practice, JUST building comfort on a consistent basis, then you will be on the right path for sure. Yes we are eager to get our dicks wet with hot girls, but at the end of the day, if you come off with an outcome dependency vibe, it will subconsciously convey that to the girl. After you consistently build comfort with different women, you can then proceed to working on your flirtation and physical escalation game which will progressively take off from there.


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