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Nice Guys With An Edge Behavior Habits   Fundamentals To Attraction The Approach Anxiety Cure The Edge Program (What Does It Mean To Have Edge) The Edge Program (Bring Out The Edge In You)    

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Meditation Technique – How to Reduce Anxiety

Intro to Meditation Technique – Part 1 (LISTEN TO THIS BEFORE YOU GO THROUGH THE TECHNIQUE)   Meditation Technique –  Part 2 – TWICE A DAY (5-10  minutes a day)   

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What Drives You

What Drives You? (Podcast)

 What Drives You? (PODCAST)      

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3 tips to land an instant date

3 Subtle Tips on Landing an Instant Date

3 Subtle Tips on Landing an Instant Date Instant Dates are all about LEADING, LEADING, and LEADING! If you can land instant dates consistently, then you are on the right path! However, instant dates ARE NOT easy to get.  It’s not easy for you, a perfect stranger; to approach a woman, transition into a hook, […]

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1 Missing in Day game

The #1 Component Most Guys Forget about in Day Game

The #1 Component Most Guys Forget about in Day Game The BIGGEST component missing from day game is building comfort. I don’t mean by acting like a little pussy and being all super friendly and gay. Comfort is based on making another person feel secure around you. Building comfort consists of building rapport, exchanging stories, […]

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The 3 TRUTHS of Street Pickup – Part 2

USING THE 3 TRUTHS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE – PART 2 Understanding the 3 truths to day game is more of a mindset adjustment in order to manage your expectations when you are out in the field.  However, you MUST work on the aspects of your outer game(body language, story-telling, teasing, qualification, leading, etc.) to really […]

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